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  • GenTech® System

    GenTech® system is patented technology (Patent No: US 8,288,880 B2) by GenTech Global LLC.

    GenTech foresaw the energy crisis 10 years ago and has been developing a reliable electrical generator system. The GenTech® System is designed to drive the generator from the vessels main engine; therefore the auxiliary engine can be removed. The GenTech® System helps the vessel owner cut fuel costs; and gives the world cleaner energy and cleaner air.

What is the GenTech® system?

Today marine vessels are designed to have at least three engines; the main engine which drives the vessel and two auxiliary engines to drive the generators which provide electricity to the vessel. With the volatility of crude oil prices and the need to reduce emissions GenTech developed a system that allows the auxiliary engine to be eliminated.

Using the vessel’s main engine to power a hydraulic generator to create power for hotel and other electrical systems, the GenTech system avoids the need for fuel guzzling dedicated auxiliary engines. By running a GenTech® system on the F/V North American for one day, the carbon emissions savings equal that of 87 cars* on the road ways. (*Source: US Department of Energy and the Energy Information Administration, calculated each car will produce (0.9142 lb Co2 per mile driven) is about 1 lb of Co2 into the air in every mile of driving. An average American commutes about 33 miles between home and work, each car producing about 33 lbs of Co2 in the US per day.)


How does the GenTech® system work?

The main proprietary component of the GenTech® System is the GenTech controller, which adjusts the hydraulic pump driven by the vessel’s main engine to maintain a constant hydraulic flow to the hydraulic motor independent of engine speed. At a constant oil flow the motor, driving the generator, spins at constant speed and the generator therefore produces stable frequency and voltage power throughout the entire RPM range of the main engine operation. By adding an oil cooler and reservoir you have the complete GenTech® System.

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Maritime solutions


  • Fishing Vessels

    The GenTech® system was first developed on board a fishing vessel. The flag ship for GenTech is the fishing vessel North American.

  • Tug Boats

    Tugs can benefit greatly from the GenTech® system. In a year’s time, a working tug boat equipped with a GenTech® system will see savings well over the cost of the system itself.

  • Other Vessels

    The GenTech® system is so versatile, that it’s able to work flawlessly on any work boat. Research, Tug, Cargo, luxury, you name it; GenTech will do it.

If you are inquiring about a vessel that isn’t discussed, please contact us. Our engineering team can adapt GenTech® systems to any of your needs.

Our Promise

Our services don’t stop after the installation. GenTech professionals are on call for support and maintenance any time of the year. We also educate our clients on how to properly maintain the system and the most effective ways to use it.

After purchasing a GenTech® system you can feel confident that you are in good hands.

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