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They are Saving Money, They are Saving Fuel, They are HAPPY!!

I would like to thank you for having Aaron Ison our application engineer and myself on the F/V North American to see your system in action.

We were both quite impressed with the ability to use the power off the front of the Cat399 engine without having any effect on the fuel consumption. The package you have put together proves to be a design that could be useful in many applications. I see multiple benefits to its use. A few examples would be:
1. No longer a need for separate gensets.

2. Lowering cost and consumption of fuel.

3. Lowering cost of overall power requirements.

4. Lowering overall weight of vessel.

5. Increasing engine room space.

I would also like to add that by incorporating the Funk Pump Drive into your system it creates a bullet proof design, providing extra long term security to the end user. I wish you much success with the system GenTech has created. After seeing the system in action I’m confident that you will have success in your venture. The industries efforts to combat rising fuel prices and other economic changes needed a weapon like this to win the battle.

Good luck and let me know if there is anything else Cascade Engine Center, LLC can do to help.

Steve HattParts/Production Manager| Cascade Engine Center, LLC

By eliminating the need for an auxiliary engine to run the vessel’s electrical system, the fuel savings achieved with the Gen Tech system were quite phenomenal. Furthermore, another huge benefit is the reduction of NOx emission by 45 to 50%.

GenTech customers have the potential of saving thousands of dollars in fuel costs and reducing emissions by incorporating your product into their operation.
Congratulations on an excellent product!

Joe DydascoSales Manager | FLOSCAN

We could clearly see the benefit of such installation.
During the sea trial on Lake Washington we witnessed a substantial reduction of the fuel consumption when the system was engaged. With two 25 HP fish hold circulation pumps running in addition to other smaller electrical loads, the achieved fuel saving was 5 to 6 GPH compared with the Main Engine/ Diesel Generator operating mode.

With the GenTech system engaged, the fuel consumption of the main engine increased only a small fraction (in the range of 0.1 to 0.3 GPH). The fuel consumption was measured by highly accurate turbine type differential flow meters supplied by FLOSCAN Instrument Co., Inc. Separate meters were installed for the main engine and the diesel generator.

In lieu of continually increasing fuel prices and stricter emission requirements, this system has great potential, and the cost savings for the vessel operators will be substantial.

We will congratulate you on this product.

Y. John HvedingJensen Maritime Consultants, Inc.

My name is Dan Eilertsen. I am the owner of six scallop boats out of New Bedford. Last year I started an extensive refit of my 108 foot boat Liberty. I headed to the Pacific Marine Expo in order to look at new equipment. One of the items I was shopping for was a FloScan system. It was at that booth that I met Erling Skaar.

After purchasing the FloScan Erling invited me to his king crabber the North American for a look at his GenTech system. I had bought a new 65 KW John Deere at home so I wasn’t really interested in buying another generator. Erling and his crew did a nice job of showing me the advantages of the GenTech system. I flew back to Seattle a few months later with my mechanic to have a better look. Erling took us on a 6 hour trip on board the North American and was able to answer my questions and concerns. Our confidence in his system was confirmed. I purchased 90KW unit.

All components were delivered on time. Installation was done by Diversified Marine of Mattapoiseet, MA. Erling brought two engineers with him to complete the computer hookup and settings. Of all the work we did on Liberty this installation was one of the easiest. Many people, from the compass adjuster, electronics people, scientists we work with, service people, and especially her captain and crew have been amazed with this new system.

Liberty is now on her fifth trip since the refit and everything is running perfect. We now use 50+ gallons less diesel fuel per day with no generator to service or noise to listen to. I would highly recommend both Erling Skaar and his GenTech system.

Daneen Eilertsen (508)341-9255Owner | Liberty

As the Chief Engineer of the North American, I can say that our 120 KW system is as good as it gets. Its quieter. It requires very little maintenance. And in the summer of 2013 when our diesel generator broke down, our GenTech system picked up the slack, and running it at 120% we were able to keep tendering salmon without losing a single day of our contract.

Jeremy HayChief Engineer | North American

F/V Liberty has been working steady this year with no problems.I have now contracted three charter trips with science groups. She seems to be a favorite working platform. I will be making a trip myself on April 29.
All aboard appreciate the Gentech system.

Daneen Eilertsen (508)341-9255Owner | Liberty